In 1908, with the help of musicians Vernon Barford and Howard Stutchbury, Edmonton staged the first regional musical festival in North America. One hundred musicians competed in 11 classical categories. 

AMFA Mission Statement: to promote and develop music and speech arts in Alberta through performance and workshop style adjudication.

To accomplish this purpose,

- AMFA plans and presents the annual festival for competition among local festival representatives,

- offers assistance to the local festivals,

- publishes the annual Syllabus. 

The Alberta Music Festival Association (AMFA) is made up of 37 local festivals, many of which are organized chiefly by volunteers. Meetings are held twice a year.

A copy of our bylaws (.pdf format) may be downloaded here.

Anyone desiring information about the festival movement should contact AMFA at   AMFA will assist a community in the formation of a new festival.


Competitors, teachers and parents are responsible for obtaining all pertinent local addendum and provincial and national syllabi and for familiarizing themselves with rules, regulations and requirements.

The local contact person or the local entry secretary will be able to advise you on class selections that will help you qualify for recommendation to Provincial and National levels.

LOCAL FESTIVAL - For participation in the Local Festival enter any combination of AMFA Syllabus and Local Addendum classes. See Rule 507-2 under Rules Governing the Provincial Festivals for local addendum classes that may be eligible for provincial recommendation.

PROVINCIAL FESTIVAL -  In order to be eligible to compete at the Provincial Festival enter appropriate classes in the AMFA Syllabus or any approved Local Addendum classes to fulfill the requirements for recommendation to the Provincial Festival. Study the Rules Governing The Provincial Festivals for Local Addendum classes that may be eligible. In addition, an adjudicator's recommendation is necessary.

NATIONAL FESTIVAL -  In order to be eligible for recommendation to compete at the National Music Festival you must enter the Provincial National class at your local festival. You need your adjudicator's recommendation to compete in the National class at the Provincial Festival. You must have the adjudicator there recommend you in order to proceed to National competition. Be sure to read the National Syllabus for the specific guidelines and requirements.


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