Choral Festival Frequently Asked Questions

We are so excited that you and your choir will be joining us at the 2015 Provincial Choral Festival. Below we have tried to answer some of your questions.

When do we have to arrive?
Arrive early enough so that your choir can take a washroom break and warm up if you need to. We are asking that everyone be seated and ready to perform at the start of the session. After all, that is the joy of the Live Festival. You and your choir will be able to hear, enjoy, be inspired and support the other choirs.

Are there practice rooms?
Yes, there are rooms for a quick warm up. When you arrive, you must come to the Alberta College. In the front entrance there will be a table set up for booking warm up rooms. If you don’t wish to warm up or are too late to warm up, you can proceed directly to the McDougall Church. You can enter by the front doors.

Where is the Choral Festival held?
The Choral Festival is held in the McDougall United Church (10025 – 101 St.) in downtown Edmonton.

Does it cost to watch the performances?
Yes, there is a $5.00 charge for audience members. The Choir, Directors, and Accompanists are free. We will also allow chaperones a free ticket. We have allotted 1 ticket for every 10 students. There is also a program available for $5.00.

Where do we sit?
You will be directed to a spot saved for your choir. If you are planning to stay for longer than your own class, you may be asked to move to the balcony area. This will apply to the Grades 4-6 Class. We had to put this class into 2 sections to accommodate everyone coming. If you or your choir wishes to stay for the second session, they will have to move to the balcony area.

Where do we put our coats?

Coats, books, bags, etc. will either have to go with you or left on the bus.

When do we go on stage?
You will be directed onto the stage by the concert Marshall as soon as the choir before you has departed. Do not wait until you are introduced to go to the stage. All movement happens when the adjudicator is writing. Entrance onto the stage if stage right. The choir risers are 3-fixed plus the stage for a possible set-up of 4 rows deep. If you require assistance moving the piano or require other stage needs (music stands, chairs, etc.), please be sure to inform the Festival Volunteers who will be happy to help.

Who Do We Give The Music To?

Your music can be given either to the person directing you to your seat or to the secretary.

What is the Order of the Day?
Each of the Choirs in your Section will perform their 2 selections. The adjudicator will then talk for a few minutes to each group. All adjudications, certificates and awards!? at the end of the session. If you are part of a 2 part session, you will receive your adjudications after your session. However, all certificates will be handed out after the second session. If you are not able to stay for this, you can:

a) Ask someone to stay and receive your certificate
b) We will send it to you in the mail.

Is there a place to eat at the college?

The College has a small cafeteria.

Are There Souvenirs to Purchase?

There will be a Gift Table set up where you and/or your students may wish to purchase a small souvenir of the event. Our Assistant Provincial Administrator searches far and wide for items that the students can afford and will like. Some of the items are things like a Medals, scarves, pencils, small toys, earrings, pins, etc. Of course, they all have a musical theme. You may want to discuss this with your students before they come.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact either your own local representative or the Provincial Administrator. We are very proud of our Alberta Choral Festival and hope you have a great experience.

Congratulations for being recommended 
to represent your festival at the 
Alberta Provincial Festival!

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