National Festival Results - 2012 Solo and Ensemble Awards
Brass 1st Place Grande Prairie & District Music Festival / Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival Jonathan Elliotson
  2nd Place Keith and Jean Robin, AB / Kamloops Music Festival, BC / Gail Carleton, NB Molly Wreakes **
  3rd Place Carol and Bernie Helfter, MB ( Susan Helfter 1993 National Brass Winner) Aaron Bueckert
Chamber Music 1st Place Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators Association, CAN MRU String Trio: Alicia Venables, Gabriel Kastelic, Paul van der Sloot **
  2nd Place 34 Local Festivals, AB Quartet La Corde: Heemin Choi, Artem Kolosov, Warda Limaye, Benjamin Marmen
  3rd Place Lakehead Festival of Music and the Arts, ON Unaccompanied Minors: Lane Carter, Adam Monod, Elise Wagner, Grayson Carter
Guitar 1st Place Suncor Energy Inc. & D'Addario Steven Cowan
  2nd Place Dr. Phyllis Forsyth, ON & D'Addario Alan Nagelberg
  3rd Place Gail Carleton, NB & D'Addario Eric Meier **
Percussion 1st Place Wendy Thorburn, ON Jolain Goulett
  2nd Place Universite de Moncton, NB Evan Bowen
  3rd Place Rhéal and Isabel Fournier N/A
Piano 1st Place Marek Jablonski Endowment Fund, AB / Dr. Phyllis Forsyth, ON Suren Barry
  2nd Place Shean Piano Competition, AB Bryn Wiley **
  3rd Place Stephen and Penny McCain Chun-Kai (Kevin) Chien
Strings 1st Place FCMF Past Presidents Colleen Venables
  2nd Place Shean String Competition, AB Artem Kolesov
  3rd Place Mary Ross and Jim O'Keefe, AB Bryan Cheng
Voice 1st Place The Gail Asper Family Foundation, MB Janice Marple **
  2nd Place Olds & District Music Festival, AB Melanie Nicol
  3rd Place Fredericton Music Festival, NB & Performing Arts BC Festival, BC Tamera Newberry
Woodwinds 1st Place Wendy and Harley McCaull, NS Gerard Weber
  2nd Place Oilsands Rotary Music Festival, Fort McMurray, AB Christian Paquette
  3rd Place Provost Music Festival, AB & New Glasgow Music Festival, NS Huei Lin
Special Awards Brass Rheal & Isabel Fournier, NB Marianne Greene
  Chamber Music Rheal & Isabel Fournier, NB 3 Directions: Arthur Boan, Emily McBean, Yuli Chen
  Guitar Rheal & Isabel Fournier, NB Matthew Martin
  Percussion Rheal & Isabel Fournier, NB Jolain Goulette
  Piano Honourable Barbara A Hagerman, PE Jin Sung Kim
  Piano Medicine Hat Rotary Music Festival Edward Cho
  Strings Rheal & Isabel Fournier, NB Paul van der Sloot **
  Woodwinds Sue Reedman, BC Brendan Catalano **
Jan Simons Memorial - Voice BEST SONG INTERPRETATION Voice Jan Simons Memorial Fund Meaghan Jamieson
Class 100 – Honourable Barbara A. Hagerman – Best performance by a community choral group 19 and up
First Vancouver Island Chamber Choir – directed by Wade Noble (BC)  
Second Esprit Chamber Choir – directed by Mervin W. Fick (ON)  
Class 101 – City of Lincoln – Best performance by a choral group of male singers  
First Grande Prairie Men of Note – directed by Jeannie Pernal (AB) **  
Second Holy Heart of Mary Male Chorus – directed by Susan Quinn (NL)  
Class 102 – George S. Mathieson – Best performance by a community choral group choral group 19 and under
First Bach Children’s Choir and Bach Chamber Youth Choir Women – directed by Linda Beaupré (ON)
Second Cantilon Chamber Choir – directed by Heather Johnson (AB) **  
Class 103 – Paul J. Bourret – Best performance by a choral group from a single school 19 and under
First Ensemble Vocal De La Salle – directed by Robert Filion (ON)  
Second Campbell Collegiate Chamber Choir – directed by Deidre & Russ Baird (SK)  
Class 104 – Richard W. Cooke – Best performance by a choral ensemble of 8 to 12 singers
First Vocal senior De La Salle – directed by Robert Filion (ON)  
Second Oak Bay High School - Lux – directed by Sally Murphy (BC)  
Class 105 – Dr & Mrs. J.F.K. English – Best performance by a community choral group 16 and under
First Cantilon Junior Chamber Choir – directed by Heather Johnson (AB) **  
Second Guelph Youth Singers – directed by by Linda Beaupré (ON)  
Class 106 – David Ouchterlony – Best performance by a choral group from a single school 16 and under
First Canterbury Singers – directed by James Caswell (ON)  
Second Calgary Girls’ School Concert Chamber Choir – directed by Quan Le (AB) **  
Class 107 – Margaret Wharton Memorial – Best performance by a community choral group 12 and under
First Spurrell Studio Choir – directed by Natalie Spurrell (ON)  
Second Pembina Trails Voices - Choraliers – directed by Andrea Wicha (MB)  
Class 108 – Florine Després – Best performance by a choral group from a single school 12 and under
First Cardston Elementary School Senior Choir – directed by Linda Burwell (AB) **  
Second Spring Park Elementary Gr.4-6 – directed by Heather Campbell (PE)  
Class 109 – Barbara Clark – Best performance by a community choral group 25 and under
First Coastal Sound Youth Choir – directed by Carrie Tennant (BC)  
Second Festival Youth Singers – directed by Richard Sumstad (ON)  
** Alberta Representatives
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